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The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry was initially established as a hearing commission under the Public Inquiry Act.  After carrying out pre-hearing consultations, the Commissioner asked the provincial government to expand its powers to include study commission powers under the Act in order to effectively carry out its advisory responsibilities under paragraphs 4(c) and 4(d) of the Terms of Reference.  This change gives the Commission additional powers: to conduct research, including interviews and surveys, and to consult with participants and the public generally.  This request was granted and the Terms of Reference were amended in March 28, 2011.

The Study Commission ran from May 1, 2011 to June 26, 2012.


Study commission initiatives were designed to gather information concerning current initiatives and ongoing challenges in the police protection of vulnerable women. This information will assist the Commission to formulate recommendations respecting the initiation and conduct of investigations in B.C. of missing women and suspected multiple homicides, particularly those involving more than one investigating organization pursuant to paragraphs 4(c) and 4(d) of the Terms of Reference. 

Information gathered through the study commission will not be used for fact finding; only testimony and exhibits entered into evidence at the hearings will be used for fact finding pursuant to paragraphs 4(a) and 4(b) of the Terms of Reference.

Study Commission Initiatives

The Study Commission consisted of three main initiatives: consultations; research and interviews; as well solicitation of public submissions and their facilitation through the publication of policy discussion reports.  Sixteen reports were prepared and published on the Commission’s website as they became available in order to facilitate further dialogue about these critical issues. 


The Commission undertook six public consultation programs: 

  • Seven Northern Community Forums in September 2011;
  • Individual and group consultation in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver from October to December 2011;
  • Consultations with victims’ families from February to May, 2012;
  • An expert roundtable on the structure and organization of policing in British Columbia, co-sponsored by the Ting Forum on Justice Policy, Department of Criminology at Simon Fraser University in April 2012;
  • Six Policy Forums in Vancouver in May 2012; and
  • Focus group consultations in the Northwest in April and May, 2012.

Approximately 385 individuals made submissions through these consultation processes and many more participated in these events or watched them through the webcast.

Consultation reports on these programs are available below.

Some of the Northern Community Forums and the Policy Forums were live-streamed, and these webcasts are available on the website under the Policy Forums tab.

Research and Interviews

The Commission undertook research on areas within its mandate including:

  • a literature review and analysis of published reports and studies in Canada and abroad on the phenomenon of missing and murdered women;


  • a survey of 20 Canadian police services concerning their historic and current missing person policies and practices; and


  • cross-jurisdictional research on a number of issues including policing standards, missing person policies and practices, standards related to police duties under Canadian and international law, and procedures for dealing with vulnerable and intimidated witnesses within the criminal justice system.   


Commission staff also expanded on this knowledge base through interviews with community informants and experts both within the province and in other jurisdictions.   

Research reports were prepared on a number of these topics and are available below.

Policy Discussion Reports and Submissions from the Public 

The Commission invited written submissions on issues within its mandate from interested individuals and organizations.  In order to stimulate deliberations and to facilitate the development of submissions, the Commission prepared five policy discussion reports on the major policy themes arising from its mandate.  These reports are available below.

The policy discussions reports also formed the basis for the booklets prepared for the Policy Forums.  These booklets are available on the website under the Policy Forum tab.

Commission took proactive steps to meet with organizations and individuals who required additional information and/or assistance to provide their submissions.    

Approximately 100 submissions were received from the public.  These ranged from short emails, to letters to detailed reports.  All of the submissions were reviewed will provide input into the Commission report and recommendations.


1.  Consultation Reports

Standing Together and Moving Forward: Report on Pre-Hearing Conference in Prince George and Northern Community Forums

Downtown Eastside Consultation Program Report

Revisiting the Regionalization Debate: A Dialogue on the Structure and Organization of Policing in British Columbia

Voices of the Families: Recommendations of the Families of the Missing and Murdered Women

Bridging the Gap to Shape the Future: Report on Policy Forums

Standing Together and Moving Forward: The Northwest Consultation Report

2.  Policy Discussion Reports

Police Protection of Vulnerable and Marginalized Women

Towards More Effective Missing Women Investigations: Police Relationships with Victims’ Families, the Community and the Media

Policies and Practices in the Investigation of Missing Persons and Suspected Multiple Homicides

Issues Related to Structure and Organization of Policing Arising from the MW Investigations

From Report to Substantive Change: Healing, Reconciliation and Implementation

3.  Background Research Reports

Practices and Procedures in Investigation of MP Across Canada: 1997 to Present

Comparative Approaches to Missing Persons Procedures: An Overview of British, American and Australian Policies

Policies and Practices in the Treatment of Vulnerable Witnesses

Violence Against Women: Evolving Legal Standards on Police Duties to Protect & Investigate

Municipal Policing in the Lower Mainland District of British Columbia



Status Report #2 – June 2011

Status Report – March 2011

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Public Inquiry Act

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Notice of Standing and Funding

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