Process Management Directive #5

  1. Further to my previous Process Management Directives issued on January 11, January 24, February 21 and April 16, 2012, this is Process Management Directive #5.

  3. The principles I set out in my previous four Directives have guided me through the last six weeks of hearings. I have heard from an additional 30 witnesses including:
  4. (a) representatives of victims’ family members:

    • Lila Purcell (aunt of Tanya Holyk)
    • Daphne Pierre (sister of Jacqueline Murdock)
    • Sandra Gagnon (sister of Janet Henry)
    • Marilyn Kraft (step-mother of Cindy Feliks)
    • Bonnie Fowler (sister of Georgina Papin)
    • Lisa Bigjohn (sister of Mona Wilson)
    • Christopher Joseph (brother of Olivia Williams)
    • Maggie de Vries (sister of Sarah de Vries)

    (b) members of the Downtown Eastside Community:

    • Jamie Lee Hamilton
    • Wayne Leng

    (c) representatives of the Vancouver Police Native Liaison Society:

    • Morris Bates
    • Freda Ens
    • George Lawson
    • Jay Johns

    (d) officers from VPD’s District 2 (which includes the Downtown Eastside)

    • Cst. Dave Dickson
    • Insp. Gary Greer
    • Staff Sgt. Doug MacKay Dunn
    • Insp. Chris Beach

    (e) individuals involved in the missing person report processing process

    • Sandy Cameron
    • Rae-Lynn Dicks

    (f) officers and supervisors at the VPD and RCMP

    • Sgt. Dwight Dammann
    • Staff Sgt. Murray Lunn
    • Cpl. Mike Hall
    • Superintendent Ric Hall
    • Chief Constable Terry Blythe

    (g) individuals involved in the Criminal Justice’s Branch decision of the stay of proceedings in 1998

    • Randi Connor
    • Richard Romano
    • Roxana Smith
    • Andrew MacDonald

    (h) evidence from Dr. Horley about DNA processing.

  5. As I stated in Process Management Directive #2 the purpose for calling these witnesses was primarily to inform the development of recommendations in three core categories:

    • the difficult interface between the policing authorities and the marginalized community of these victims;
    • inter-jurisdictional difficulties between different police forces; and
    • shortcomings in organizational systems.


  7. Many of the witnesses I have heard from since issuing Process Management Directive #3 have been in panel format. I am pleased with this approach and believe that it is meeting my objectives as described in Process Management Directive #3.

  9. The study commission has undertaken and is planning research and consultation activities to further the development of recommendations. A number of reports and discussion papers have been circulated and are available on the Commission’s website. Information about upcoming forums is also available.


  11. As we near the end of my fact finding mandate, I believe I have heard much of the information I stated I required in Process Management Directive #3. However, in Process Management Directive #4, I asked participant counsel to provide me with a list of witnesses and will-say statements outlining how their evidence would, at this stage, further the efforts of the Commission. These requests were to include any outstanding witness requests. I thank those participants who made submissions.

  13. I have considered those submissions and I am directing Commission Counsel to provide me with evidence from the following witnesses that were proposed by participants, in addition to those set out in the attached hearing schedule:

    • Bonnie Fournier
    • “Jane Smith”
    • Maggie Fidler
    • Donna Jardine
    • Dorothy McKee
    • Frank Henley
    • Doug Fell
    • Mark Wolthers
    • Ujjal Dosanjh
    • Phillip Owen
    • Gary Bass
    • Kenny Holmberg
    • Jim McKnight

  14. I do not need to hear from the following individuals suggested by participants:

    • Ross Caldwell
    • Lynn Ellingsen
    • Keith Davidson
    • Bruce Chambers
    • Anne Drennan
    • Catherine Galliford
    • Bev Hyacinth
    • Peter Ritchie
    • Peder Gulbransen
    • Gord Spencer
    • Unnamed expert to provide “opinion evidence dealing with the capacity of and circumstances under which persons who are users of various types of illicit drugs”
    • Brian Honeybourne

    I will provide reasons related to these individuals at a later date.


  16. I would like to hear from Ms. Galliford at the Study Commission forum on May 8, 2012, that is addressing issues relating to police accountability. If any other individual listed above wishes to attend the study sessions to provide information related to recommendations I invite them to contact Melina Buckley, Policy Counsel.

  18. Attached is a schedule for the remaining hearing days. I trust that all participants will make the necessary arrangements to work according to this schedule.

May 2012 Hearings Calendar – as at April 25, 2012