Process Management Directive #4

  1. This directive relates to the remaining witnesses and schedule for the Commission.

  3. Counsel and participants have, throughout the process, proposed that certain witnesses provide information to the Commission.  Many of the requested witnesses have been heard from, and to that end, I ask that participants submit any outstanding requests for witnesses by 5pm Friday April 20, 2012.

  5. As is clear to everyone, I am responsible for determining the information I receive in order to fulfil my mandate.  In order to assist me with preparing a schedule for the remaining weeks of the hearing, I ask that participants provide the following for each witness you request be heard from:

    i. Name and contact details of the witness; and
    ii. A will-say statement detailing the information they will provide and how it is relevant to my mandate. As you prepare this will-say statement, I ask that you consider whether the information they will provide is already before me.


  7. If time estimates for questions for scheduled witnesses are not received as requested by Commission Counsel, no time will be set aside for that participant to examine witnesses.

  9. With regards to closing argument, I propose giving each participant one hour, including any time needed to reply, as I will benefit from and expect fulsome written argument to assist me in my report writing.

  11. My plan is to release the remaining schedule during the week of April 23 which will be strictly followed to the end of the Inquiry.

The Honourable Wallace T. Oppal, Q.C.